Projects & First Impressions

I've described my own process quite a bit when it comes to culling selects for projects. I'm in no hurry as long term projects have a tendency to find their own way and impose what they want to be on you over time. For one particular side-project that's popped out of this group of related explorations I learned taking my time when producing material was absolutely just as important if not more so.

As I prepare for a break from real work and a much needed get-away I anticipate playing with a few of these projects while I'm away. It's always a good idea to review where you've been, notes on where you think you're going, and more importantly get a feel for things you've made so far with a bit more distance. I wanted to follow-up some thoughts I had more than a year ago on initial experiments for the chastity project. Specifically thoughts on what I found interesting discussed in some pictures I made with Melanie](

In the referenced post I only included a few pictures that I though illustrated my observations. In reviewing raw material I've made so far those observations are even more apparent. Not only with my initial experiments but also with some of the other directions I've tried so far, and in general with every collaborator. I slapped together one of those "video contact sheets" I use here and there to take in sessions as a whole for anyone that's interested.

I chose the same occasion referenced in the post I linked above but two things have changed. The first thing is instead of including pictures in the contact sheet that I focused on in the previous post a year ago with the environmental context I included all of the frames prior to that without any real context we made just to see what it looked like while we were getting the prop to fit correctly.

The other thing that changed is the image treatment. Instead of any old random black and white treatment applied on import I specifically chose a black and white treatment that's a lot different with a lot more contrast. No fine-tuning or anything just globally applied to all the pictures. I've probably mentioned more than once I resist the desire to dive right in and put a lot of time into processing any images prior to figuring out which ones I like and which ones actually fit. In other words I don't waste time messing around with post-processing options on images I have no idea if I'm actually going to use and in what context they'll be used.

Possibly even a worse trap of playing around with image treatment too soon beyond wasting a lot of time is the possibility of becoming enamored with tones, and surface impressions of how great a particular processing treatment is when making selects. In a lot of ways evaluating selects is better done looking at a very generic "contact sheet" like one-size fits all bland looking version rather than polished perfection. It's easy to fall into the trap of becoming enamored with the artifice rather than whats behind that.

End Notes

All pictures made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55 XF. Processing via Lightroom CC with a different (higher contrast and different curve shape) treatment than my initial import. There's a good chance I'll tweak exposure a little brighter and add a bit of dodge or burn here and there on anything I ultimately choose to include.