Project Update

I spent an hour or two trying to figure out a few idiosyncrasies that cropped up last week while I was tethering to Capture One for some job or another. Turns out everything is working as it should except for a Canon thing having to do with silent mode. It just so happened while going down that rabbit hole I was unpacking from my road-trip and the first thing that seemed to be a suitable subject for working out those kinks I experienced happened to be a new prop I ended up playing with for the chastity project.


This prop is way different than the previous items I've used with various collaborators. In a way it's far more difficult to shoot because it is a bit more visually subtle. That's fine as that's the direction I want to go at this point anyway. The bigger difference is in the nature of the object and it's effects on collaborators.

The previous versions where stiff and while not exactly mobility enhancing, this prop is extremely flexible but in a way far more restrictive over a long period.


It's construction is very solid, very think machined stainless steel parts. All of the individual parts are connected with stainless cable. All connection points and adjustments are from the inside and much more precise than the coarse adjustments of previous versions.

Note to self: Adjustments are precise and easy but a bit more time making everything perfect is definitely required next time out.


In a word the effect the new prop has on mobility over a few hours is oppressive. The other versions were merely cumbersome. There's absolutely no play, no gaps, and the nature of the design is that there is a bit of pressure applied to all of those heavy stainless plates constantly regardless of position. It's the same, standing, sitting, lying down, moving, not moving. Movement or repositioning in no way transfers the position of any of the parts. Very different than the two stiff bands of the other versions. Those redistributed what little pressure there was with every movement.


The design is interesting in that by accident or intent it keeps the connecting cables away from any skin by a decent margin. The only mis-configuration which needs to be dealt with next time was the confusion over a long length of plastic tubing that was supplied. It's now obvious where that goes and needs to be custom cut.

End Notes


I didn't bother to get rid of the countless fingerprints or even dust off the backdrop. It's not like this was for a client or anything. Here's some news, making pictures of polished stainless surfaces is actually a bit more difficult than glass in terms of lighting and reflections, etc.

Backdrop was a hunk of black plexiglass lying around my mess of a work-area. Lighting was via a Profoto B2 with a fairly large scrap of Lee diffusion gel (4ft x 5ft-ish). Shot with a Canon 5Ds R and 24-105 f/4 L. Yeah was too lazy to dig out the Macro. Processing via Capture One 10 with a bit of blue pushed into the shadows.

Stay tuned for a couple of the pictures I made for this sub-project coming up shortly. Haven't had time to even go thru them since I've been back.