The Canon 24-105 f/4 L & Plastic Wrap

Continuing with our theme of selecting gear you love to use, internet myths, etc I present the lens I used for five days strait on a Canon 5Ds R. If you're not familiar with "the list", I'll summarize — Canon made a list when they released their high-megapixel beast consisting of recommended lenses to be used. Obviously lenses not on the list were ummm*hellip; not recommended.


Here's my recommendation: Go ahead and use whatever you like. As I mentioned the more resolution you have the better the lens will get. In any case I have the "horrid" unusable Version I variety (which is much the same as the twice the price version II as far as I understand except a little smaller and a little lighter). Whatever the your particular case is I would say at least give things a try and see for yourself how they work.

Above is my first exposure test with Lauren perfectly preserved in all sorts of plastic wrap. Looks fine to me, at least in terms of the lens is good enough in my estimation. Wonder why it would not be recommended. Given the color of that skirt I remembered I had a gel almost the exact color so I dirtied up the shadows a bit by injecting a hint of that blue-green into them with a my little Profoto B2.


Second exposure just to see if I could live with the colored shadow cast directly behind L.'s head on the wall. With the right setup you can do some cool stuff wha that colored shadow (turns out to be MINUS the color you are projecting) but in this case it was there by necessity and/or laziness. There was what felt like 38 people hanging out with shit all over the place and this was one corner I didn't have to move anything around. Not a ton of flexibility with the light placement or getting L. off the background though.

In any case let's pixel peep anywhere that horrible 24-105 that's not recommended for use happened to be in focus shall we?


Here's a bit that happened to be in focus I think. Go ahead and download the full HD size screenshot if you want so you can see what I see. Oh gee, it happens to be not in the "center" as well. Actually toward the corners. Looks okay to me. Actually I will assure you for this particular picture of a 3-D subject at 50mm anywhere near this distance (normal distance) The amount of detail produced by this lens/body combo will blow the shit out of say a Mk III or IV with a 24-70/2.8 L Version 2.


Here's another. Very much like the first one the zipper is not in the focus plane, just less so. Honestly would you be okay with this shitty "not recommended", referred to by a bunch of idiots as "shouldn't be an L lens"? I certainly am fine with it given most things will not be in perfect focus except what you actually focus on or things you manage to get into the exact focus plane. Take a look at the zipper. See what a huge deal actual focus means? Even at f/8 shooting this close at 50mm there's virtually zero tolerance when inspected closely. Not inspecting closely? Well then take a look at the full frame picture above.

Yes, Color.

The outfit was colorful and as usual presented many challenges for what I originally had in mind for the chastity project. The skirt was too small, worse the Chanel knock-off boots were absolute impossible to negotiate due to how stiff they were. Whatever, I only made a couple of shots and wanted to play with dirtying up the shadows and a bit of funky colors so why not.

L. had already been wearing the main prop for a few hours while messing around with wardrobe, and figuring out a few things I wanted to test for the project. We'd already determined that the skirt and boots were just not going to work for what we had in mind but still wanted to play with the blue-greens a bit before dinner.

There's a few out of the dozen frames L. likes. Of course they're very different than the ones I find interesting from the project perspective. I wanted to play with subtlety during my little break from real clients. None of the wardrobe worked out but it's always a gamble. I did figure out a few things along the way as usual.

I mentioned the oppressive nature of the new prop. It definitely has a very different effect than the prior versions I've used for the project. The frame above and then below was the first I noticed it that became a pattern for some other foolin' around I did on the project with L. and a few others while I was away. I actually have two of them thanks to a generous manufacturer that donated them.

I do like the Ziggy Stardust vibe which has a lot to do with the jacket. Too bad I need to grab a smaller size as it runs big/long so not even that completely worked out. Not a problem, it's hit or miss with dirt cheap stuff from Amazon. The jacket is definitely a win, just need to grab a couple smaller sizes. There's a lot I can do with it if fit properly (not just for this project).

End Notes

Shot with a Canon 5Ds R and 25-105 around 50mm at f/8. Profoto D2 with 4ft Octabox to camera right about 6ft away. Profoto B2 with peacock blue gel very slightly to camera left directly opposed to the shadow areas on very very low power.

Processing was in Capture One 10, a bit of contrast added and tiny bi blue shoved into the shadows.