About The Project

Ultimately the Black/White project explores the notion that no person is just one thing but many different and complex things, some completely contradictory. The project is my exploration of this aspect of humanity and social structure through attempting to capture body language, gesture, and expression photographically.

For those interested in helping me fund continued exploration of this subject as well as get to the final output of the project that requires investment in basic travel expense, wardrobe, and location please visit my Patreon page

All of the images presented here should be thought of as an online version of my contact sheets. Especially the early images. This site is the documentation of the process. Experiments in approach, point of view, style, and curiosity, from the very beginning of one of my long-term personal projects.

Thank you to all of my collaborators. I feel privileged to work with other people so open, creative, and giving of their time.

For anyone curious about process, the idea to explore this project started in the spring of 2014.