Other Venues

Other places where bits and pieces of this project show up. Some on-line and some physical locations to see larger prints. I will attempt to keep this up to date.


Early black portfolio with Lauren

Early white portfolio with Mary

Fragments I

Fragments II

Fragments III

Fragments IV

Fragments V

Fragments VI

Fragments VII

Fragments VIII

Fragments IX

Fragments X — I had second thoughts on what frames I initially selected. Republished.

Fragments XI

Fragments XII

Fragments XIII

Fragments XIV

Fragments XV

Fragments XVI

Fragments XVII

Fragments XVIII

Fragments XIX

Fragments XX

Fragments XXI

Fragments XXII

Fragments XXIII

Fragments XXIV

Fragments XXV

Fragments XXVI

Fragments XXVII

Fragments XXVIII

Fragments XXVIX

Fragments XXX

Fragments XXXI

Fragments XXXII

Physical Print Exhibition

November 2015 — no showings scheduled.

December 2015 — printing underway, Sorry but the showing at 788 Gallery had to be postponed. I just couldn't get all of the mounting done with my real client workload in December. I'll shoot for some local display sometime in early 2016 with my fragments side project.

Early Spring 2016 — Looks like the earliest print exhibition that I can pull together with printing, mounting, and the rest of the work will be in the mid-atlantic area. I've already started curating and proofing prints from the Fragments side project

If you are interested in hosting a physical exhibition of a selection of prints from the project at any stage of progress please contact me via email